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Hablamos Español!

Free Estimates  |  Fully Insured  |  (585) 405-5226

Hablamos Español!

About Us

We’re not just fixing your roof. You’re becoming a part of the ROC Roofing family.

Our Story

Our company name may sound familiar to you. Before we became Roc Roofing of WNY LLC, the company was named Roc Roofing LLC. In 2017, ROC Roofing LLC, “The Amish Way” was founded by Ephraim Allgyer, a man raised in the Amish community. He took the work ethic and sound principles that he had learned and poured them into his business.

Efrain Vazquez began working for Roc Roofing LLC in March 2018. Ephraim and Efrain soon became good friends and, being Efrain is from Mexico, began to joke around about which way to do a roof; “The Amish Way” or “The Mexican Way.” Interestingly, there was more to that joke than they realized.  A new opportunity drew Ephraim back to Pennsylvania. Not wishing Roc Roofing LLC here in NY to dismantle, he asked Efrain if he would assume ownership of the company.

In January 2020, Efrain Vazquez and his wife Kristy Barry-Vazquez undertook full management of ROC ROOFING LLC and then in May 2021 they assumed full ownership becoming ROC ROOFING OF WNY LLC. The transition of ownership went so smoothly most people who were acquainted with Roc Roofing LLC did not even notice it occurred. The first name of the owner even stayed the same! Efrain is Ephraim in the Spanish language. We are thankful for the opportunity to serve the community and continue the work that Ephraim Allgyer began.

Our Mission

Our mission, which you can see in our logo, is to be a company that is Built on Integrity. It is our sincere desire to offer the best services and products for our customers. No gimmicks, no corner-cutting, just truth and honesty.

Efrain is extremely detail-oriented and will make sure that your roof is secure and leak-free. We will present all aspects of your roof in a clear and honest way, addressing any questions you may have.

We do not sub-contract our work. Efrain works along with the crew to make sure everything runs efficiently and professionally.

Give us a call or send us an email today! We can be reached at or (585) 405-5226.

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